Columbia model 32, 1893

From time to time some major firm introduces the novelty of the age: an elliptical chainring. Shimano did it with the Biopace in the 80's and it will only take a few years until another one claims it as a novelty. But the real inventors were the people from Columbia. It didn't seem to work, not then and not now. It's just a funny invention and they always try to sell it as something special.
This model 32 from 1893 has the elliptical chainring, and a lot of other beautiful details, like the double frame tubes, the rear band-brake and those early pneumatic tires. I guess I am repeating myself, but nothing beats American safeties from the early nineties. 

More pics of a model 32, click here. That's a bike that was sold on the Copake auction in 2012.

The bike here shown is in the collection of the Old Spokes shop. Click a picture for the link to more pics.

   If you are interested in a whole bunch of Columbia highwheel and safety advertisements, look at the ones I put on Flickr. Click here.